My mac is stuck on the white startup screen

From time to time, you may experience one of the more frustrating Mac glitches — a white screen during boot. Usually this rare bug happens after updating macOS to a new version, but it can happen at any time. There is no Apple logo on this display, nor will you see a progress bar showing where you are in the Mac boot process.

Reboot into Safe Mode One time-honored trick to recover from a white screen is to boot into Safe Mode. This is very easy to do: simply hold down the shift key on your keyboard as soon as you hear the Mac startup chime.

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Keep holding down the shift key until the boot progress indicator shows up. This progress bar indicates that Safe Mode is running a directory and disk check on your Mac; this is like running First Aid from the Disk Utility. Safe Mode is a way to troubleshoot some system problems that can keep your Mac from booting normally. Essentially, Safe Mode disables some macOS features, clears some caches, and prevents some third party kernel extensions from loading, all of which reduce the amount of work the Mac has to perform to get to the login screen. If you can boot a Mac successfully in Safe Mode, you either try to boot the Mac again to see if the next try is successful — perhaps just clearing some caches was what the doctor ordered.

How can you make sure that your Mac booted into Safe Mode? If you know what apps were recently updated, try removing them from the list of login items and then reboot normally to see if the problem is fixed. To remove an item, just highlight it by clicking on the item name, then click the minus sign — button below the list.

After removing a login item from the list and verifying that the system boots normally afterwards, you may wish to contact the developer with a bug report, or try removing and re-installing that app. NVRAM stores information in between boots of your Mac, things like the startup disk, video and display information, volume for the system startup chime and speaker, time zone information, default system fonts, and more. When resetting NVRAM, this data is all wiped from the Mac so you may need to readjust things like your screen resolution, mouse or trackpad tracking speeds, etc….

The Mac chimes once to signify that it has begun booting, then a second time to signify that the NVRAM has been reset. After this point, let up on the keys and let the Mac boot as usual. Resetting the SMC is another tool in your toolbox of white screen solutions. When your Mac is shut down, disconnect all the peripherals including printers, scanners, USB devices except the mouse and keyboard.

SMC—system management controller, simply put, controls your Mac's system. To reset it may also solve white screen problem on your MacBook or iMac. Press the left-side Shift, Control, Option keys, and the power button on your keyboard all at the same time. Then release all of them at the same time.

Settings include display resolution, startup-disk selection, time zone, and recent kernel panic information. If you use iMac Pro, release the keys after the Apple logo appears and disappears for the second time. If the white screen on mac problem relates to a damaged startup disk, try repairing it by Disk Utility in Recovery Mode. Verbose Mode is a bit distant from users.

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What's in it just is the details of system activities. It's still unknown why booting with Verbose Mode works, which is odd; however, it does work sometimes. Notice that reinstalling your Mac's system will cause data loss and you should make sure that you have a backup. If you made up your mind to do this, you may use Recovery Mode. If you have to reinstall macOS to fix white screen Mac, you may have lost all files on your Mac if you don't have backup. FonePaw Data Recovery can recover deleted files from Mac after factory reset, system reinstallation. So after white screen is gone on your Mac, you may want to download FonePaw Data Recovery to restore lost files.

Download Download. We are so sure that you would not want to be in the situation again that your Mac PC is stuck on white screen. So, what you need to do is for you to prevent this from happening again. Now, for you to be able to get your Mac PC well maintained, we have here the ideal software that you can use.

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You will be able to see on your main screen, you check out the system status of your Mac. Once that you have chosen the System Junk, go ahead and click on the Scan button. The iMyMac Cleaner will then start scanning your Mac to find all of your junk files. Be patient and wait until the program is done.

Once the scanning process is complete, the software will then show you all the junk files that you have on your Mac. The iMyMac Cleaner will show your junk files by categories like application cache, photo junks, mail junks, system logs, user logs, and more. You also have the option to click on the Rescan button if you want to scan again your Mac PC. As what was mentioned earlier, your junk files will be shown in categories. All you have to do here is to click the category that you would want to remove which is shown on the left side of your screen.

Once you have selected the junk category that you want to delete, just go ahead and click on the Clean button.

How to Fix a Mac not Booting up (Part I)

Confirm the action by clicking on the Confirm button on the pop-up message. Once that you hit on the Clean button, the iMyMac Cleaner will then automatically clean all the junk files that you have selected earlier. However, some folders will not have this indication because they are auto recreated folders. It is really frustrating experiencing that your Mac gets stuck on a white screen.

How to Fix a Mac That Stalls on Gray Screen at Startup

Because of this, you are not able to do anything. Luckily, we have found out some great solutions that you can do on your end for you to fix this kind of error on your Mac PC include Mac white screen. You can do all the following options above to see which one works for you. As long as you have brought back to life your Mac PC make sure that you maintain it well by removing all unnecessary files and apps that you do not need anymore.

This program can help you remove all the apps and files that you no longer need on your Mac. It can clean up your junk files, find duplicate files on your Mac and delete them. You can also uninstall all the apps that you do not need anymore together with all the files that are associated with that app. You can also clean up your trash completely.