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If you update your drivers and still face stutter, then there are a couple of things you can do. Only do this if you have an old hard drive or you will spend money on a new one and see little to no difference.

Diablo 3 Error 3007 / Mac Crash FIX

From the video setting you will want to: Disable V Sync And disable any unnecessary frills, like shadows and reducing spell effects quality if necessary. There are also problems with stutter from Xbox One and PS4 users, unfortunately there is little to nothing these platforms allow players to do. If you deal with stutter in any of these two the only thing you can actually do is to uninstall the game, clear some of your hard drives space and re install Diablo III.

The best way you can fix this is by getting an Ethernet cable connected directly into your PS4 or your Xbox One or your PC as well… , if this also fails you may want to improve your internet bandwidth speed to at least 2mbps.


Open Sound and go to the Playback tab and disable all devices except the device you are using. Make sure spatial sound is disabled for any playback devices you use.

source Heroes of the Storm should now be forced to use that playback device. I went through some more forums and discovered someone that had the same issue.

I hope this helps anyone else that comes across this issue. No Sound in any Blizzard game heros of the storm and diablo 3 Technical Support. SloppyTaco UTC 1. Zhyxen UTC 2. SloppyTaco UTC 3.

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Apple and Mac video games don't get the most love. While the title of this game may sound like the worst middle-school. Year: Swordplay, magic, demons and dazzling background detail makes Diablo 3 a certified.

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Many Mac Diablo 3 players are reporting sluggish frame rates, that is if they are able. Sound off in the comments below! I'm running on a MacBook Pro — game works great until I get to certain trouble areas, which.