Mac air question mark on screen

If a flashing question mark appears when you start your Mac

The system was a bit chopping doing things on the laptop, but slow on anything on the actual laptop. My instinct was to restart right away. When it came back up things were crisp.

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Everything has been fine so far. Technically I could select the internal hard-drive, but this would give me random success.

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I could also replace the internal hard-drive at some point if there was an apple store. Whew I can take off my IT hat for now.

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  5. Greg Hung. I have a year background in IT so I have some technical chops that I could lean on to figure this out Who is this for? What happened? How I started to get frequent blinking folders with question marks infrequently and then more frequently.

    When did it happen? What did I do? Turn on time-machine and make sure you have a full-backup The time-machine back is awesome because it will backup the OSX with all your apps and data unlike the old Windows backup. Replace your hard-drive at the apple store or do it yourself At this point it looked like my hunch that there were a hardware problem was correct.

    Let’s Solve Apple’s “Folder with a Question Mark” Mystery!

    Restoring your system onto an external hard-drive make sure to exclude your other hard drives on the backup You will need to find a space external hard drive. Now check your email to confirm your subscription. There was an error submitting your subscription. Update as on 21st June , I got my laptop back from the service center. Two minutes after connecting the official charger, the screen froze.

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    There was no movement on the screen and I thought there was some OS issue which might have affected my device. Then I force shut down my system and started it again, what I saw was a folder with a question mark. Nothing happened, there was still a question mark when I booted the device. So I then contacted the support, they asked me to boot the device into the recovery mode and perform a first aid using disk utility. Next, make sure you choose your main Mac hard drive as the start up drive and then click Restart.

    If you have other drives installed in your Mac, or if you have an external hard drive attached, your computer might occasionally get confused about which is the boot drive that contains the system software it needs to boot. Designating your main hard drive as the boot drive should fix this issue.

    If the flashing question mark continues to flash on the screen, you will need to try the following to resolve the issue:. If the hard drive is not present, the drive could be dead.