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There were countless other issues with the gameplay that the developers were still struggling to solve after 2 years, but pressure to release the game meant that it ended up getting boxed up and shipped out bugs and all.

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The resultant mess was subsequently panned by everyone who played it, and Electronic Arts was forced to bury it before their reputation suffered any further. They even tried to make boxes sit on each other without sliding off with the first light breeze. Ok, I kid, but the point is that they tried to do something truly great but failed miserably on a few key issues.

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Fortunately, production company Research Indicates has taken the time to put together a series of videos that really get into the many ways that Jurassic Park: Trespasser tried, and failed, to revolutionize the games industry. Plus, the whole series is narrated in the kind of soft, warm Texan accent that could turn a Stephen King story into a gentle, soothing experience.

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  • By Jim Hatley This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Money was the biggest hurdle in the development of Trespasser.

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    The game severely went over-budget several times throughout its development. Second only to money was time, as the game had to be ready to meet the release of the The Lost World: Jurassic Park film.

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    Originally the game was to be released in the fall of However due to a number of problems the project was delayed by a year. The rush to release the game caused many features to be either cut, or left unfinished and unpolished. Due to difficulties coding the behaviour of both arms together developers had to ditch the left arm entirely.

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    • The Cutting Room Floor?
    • A late shift in development effectively changed the game from survival horror to action shooter, and contributed to the many complaints the game received. Lack of experienced management and the use of artists who were unfamiliar with basic game development processes and 3D modeling has also been identified as a cause of problems.

      Developers struggled for more than two years on some problems and in the end released a game that is set within a very large, attractive, open, outdoor environment.

      The Diary Of John Hammond - Jurassic Park: Trespasser - Part 6

      The beta is available to download at the Assembler Forum. This beta show the original far more sexy female character, who has a cut off tank top on, complete with sideboob and cleavage you can look between. The game has less physical objects in it, and runs much faster than the final version. Last updated by monokoma at I managed to re-download it a few years back but it would no longer run under the version of Windows I was using then.